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24, Wausan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea


On April 17, 2012, 'Jebidabang', which opened in Sangsu-dong, is a cultural space where you can share and enjoy art in various fields. Based on the LemonSalon that has been operating since 2005, we expanded our position to nearby Sangsu-dong for more open and diverse cultural and artistic projects. During the day, it provides a space for resting or working cozyly with cheap and quality coffee. In the evening, it is renamed 'Drunk Jebi' and it is transformed into a haven where everyone can enjoy culture together with a drink. The interior of the 'Jebidabang' is designed directly by the CTRForm architectural studio. Unlike typical bars and cafes, it is a new play space and cultural space where performances and exhibitions can be combined. Located on the first and first floors of the ground, the 'Jebiabang' is a cultural landscape research space of CTR located on the second and third floors of the same building. It is not a simple commercial place to sell coffee and alcohol, but a kind of exhibition hall, performance hall and playground that showcases new cultural contents planned by CTR. The name of 'Jebidabang' was borrowed from the 'Jebidabang', where poet, novelist, architect and writer 'Lee Sang' was drinking with artists of the day and drinking coffee. There are various performances and events held every weekend with voluntary fundraising of the audience.


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