Cry, Candy

Doma, Gonne Choi, BulnabangStarSauasgeClub, Kwak Pureunhaneul, CryingNut, Galaxy Express, Ahn Honggeun. issued on November 24, 2017 103pages

Poetry and song were originally one. Before independence with reading literature, poetry was music with rhyme. In the past, poetry was an art that anyone could easily enjoy like music, but it became a literary reading and became more and more distant from the public.
...a little...
The greatest virtue of poetry is its implicitness. musicians would have spent the night trying to write lyrics, implying their own experiences, thoughts and feelings, and choosing the right words. They would have put their true and intimate thoughts and minds in writing while facing themselves. I could read these poems and feel the love and pain, joy and frustration, enlightenment and confusion they felt, and when I closed my eyes, I could hear a beautiful song paired with writing.
Jung Won-seok Music Critics, 2017


Onepiece Magazine

Art is not complicated or difficult. art should be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of knowledge or experience. Onepiece magazines talk about comfortable art, art that stimulates emotion just by looking at it. magazines are not advertising. magazines are not one-off consumables plastered with new product introductions.Onepiece Magazine is a small gallery on paper, which stands for magazines that you can watch and enjoy for a long time.

OnepieceMagazine 001 Seduction

OnepieceMagazine 004 Unique

OnepieceMagazine 007 Girl

OnepieceMagazine 010 Boy

OnepieceMagazine 002 Ecstasy

OnepieceMagazine 005 Fear

OnepieceMagazine 008 Fake

OnepieceMagazine 011 

OnepieceMagazine 003Self-consolation

OnepieceMagazine 006 Buildup

OnepieceMagazine 009 Recycle


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