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CTR is a cultural village that moving for diverse enjoy.

Culture is the spiritual value that only mankind can produce and consume, and it is the essence of infinite possibilities that are maintained and developed through various learning. Also, only culture will be the true value that proves the fundamental development and survival of mankind. The civilization achieved by the accumulation of knowledge cannot be a measure of human value and development. We need wisdom on how to use it and the intelligence to lead it, and this complex phenomenon of wisdom and intelligence can be called culture. In other words, we need a culture that meets or overpowers civilization rather than mankind that is made up of only civilization and mankind that has only developed civilization.

For this reason,  CTR freely reinterprets various cultures of the past and present, transcending times and borders, and recreates a new culture based on this. And the process also attempts a diverse and free-spirited approach beyond the existing framework. CTR produces and distributes various projects freely. CTRForm Architecture Studio proposes various structures from human scale to urban scale through research on economic, social, and cultural forms as well as shapes and spaces. CTRSound pursues music with an independent spirit that has stepped back from competition and economic logic. In addition, Onepiece Magazine, Playground project, and Earthrun project were conducted. All CTR projects are published after being organized in CTRPrint. In addition, CTR operates the cultural space Jebidabang for natural exchanges and experiments with creators in various fields, and CTRCabinet for various exhibitions and events. All cultural contents of CTR are always created on the premise of enjoyment and extraordinary interest.