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We pursue music with an independent spirit that has stepped back from competition and economic logic.




음반 소개


Composer and pianist Kim Jae-hoon, who has organized the ensemble “Timirho,” and has been engaged in music activities reflecting the thoughts of youth, is the first solo collection of songs on November 29, 2019. This album is a solo album released 10 years after the release of his first album of Timirho, where he first began his career as a composer, and contains piano songs that are more musically refined and minimalistic. The album name, which means'accompaniment', includes both the meaning that the piano plays the accompaniment of harmony with the natural sound of all things that make up nature, and the accompaniment for the thoughts that the listener falls into when listening to music. Jaehoon Kim says that his special gaze at nature seems to have deepened through trips that he often left with his father since childhood. More>

김일두 사랑에영혼.jpg
Kim Ildu 3rd Album Soul In Love

Starting with a fine and clear soul, passing through the souls of the moon and stars, the soul of Kim Il Doo's soul trilogy was completed. Before ballad singer Kim Il-do, there are punk bands Genius, Mama Sun, Suspense. In the past, He sometimes performed under the name of a cat. He released [I am a Genius] in 2010 to sang songs he sang during suspense, and remastered five songs from this album to release EP [No Problem] (MomoC Music 2011). In the same year, word of mouth began to come out in earnest through the label market held in Sangsangmadang. Helicopter Records released the Kim Ildu x Ha Heonjin split album, which is known to many people, and when the time comes, the first regular album, Fine and Clear Soul (Helicopter Records 2013) will be released. The fine and clear souls are songs made by Kim Ildu from the time he took the 15th bus. Kim Il-du, in the middle of his thirties. Bunga Bunga Records released his 2nd regular album The Soul of the Moon and Stars (Bunga Bunga Records 2015). More >

곽푸른하늘 어제의소설.jpg
Kwak Pureunhaneul 2nd Album Yesterday's Novel

I walked along the river and listened to the song of the Kwak Pureunhaneul. On a clear day, fish were quietly swarming around in the water right next door, and suddenly the phrase ‘a song that you can look at when you stop for a long time’ came to mind. They were familiar songs I heard live, but it was different again when I stopped and listened. The inner feelings were made up of much more colorful words, and the monologue in the song continued to flow somewhere rather than being repeated. I felt the skill of a songwriter who handles songs well. After looking into it for a while, I came up to the city center, and the lyrics ‘I'm a holiday you don’t rest’ left. Those who will be listening to the album are encouraged to listen to it during the quiet daytime in the city center. The lyrics become endlessly mysterious with the long and delicate breath of 'Kwak Pureunhaneul'.
<Singer-songwriter, Kim Mok-in 

Jebidabang Compilation 2020/21

Since 2015, the compilation album of Jebidabang has been steadily released, collecting the music of musicians with special relationships who have been performing at Jebidabang every year. This album, which will be released for the fifth, has attracted hot musicians who hit the Hongdae indie scene for 2020, 2021. Names that those who are interested in indie music as well as in Jebidabang, gathered together with veterans and new artists from various regions, O'Helen & Choi Sol, Band 88, Monglim, YOJA, Bulgogi Disco, Yeonhui Byul, Kadeho No matter what you choose, you will hear more than you imagine. More>

Jebidabang Compilation 2019/20

'Jebidabang', a landmark in Sangsu-dong, has become a hideout for people who love culture and art. ‘Jebidabang’ is a complex cultural space in which interesting people gather for creative work, continuing the name of “Dabang Jebi,” operated by Lee Sang-sang, a novelist and architect in the 1930s. At 6 o'clock in the evening, the signboard of 'Jebidabang' will be changed to'Drunken Jebi', and live performances are held four times a week in the basement, which is visible through a hole in the ground floor. In fact, musicians, literary artists, painters, broadcasters, and other cultural artists currently active in the Hongdae indie scene use Jebidabang as their hideout, and the newly formed ties in them also produce other cultural creations. The cultural space called Jebidabang and the stories around it form an axis of the cultural phenomenon commonly enjoyed as “the culture in front of Hongdae”. Since 2015, the compilation album of Jebidabang has been steadily released, collecting music from musicians with special relationships who have been performing at Jebidabang every year.More >

Jebidabang Compilation 2017/18

The Jebidabang Compilation Album is being released by collecting the music of musicians with special relationships who have performed at Jebidabang several times each year since 2015. This time, it has returned more abundantly with 'Jebidabang Compilation 2017 / 2018'.

With a total of 19 teams and 2CDs, this'Jebidabang Compilation 2017 / 2018' is made with two concepts: Jebidabang by day and Drunkjebi by night, so you can enjoy various music with a different atmosphere. More >

Jebidabang Compilation 2016

The cultural space called Jebidabang and the stories around it form an axis of the cultural phenomenon commonly enjoyed as “the culture in front of Hongdae”. Twelve musicians representing this place in 2016 miss their old lover who left, while mourning the desperate genius musician, and talk about the disappearing classics and the changing culture in front of Hongdae.
Following last year's compilation album, this album of <Jebidabang Compilation 2016> contained the cultural issues of this land in various genres of music. 
More >

Jebidabang Compilation 2015

Jebidabang in Sangsu-dong was established as a cultural space where artists from various fields gathered and engaged in creative work, like the ‘jebidabang,’ which was operated by the poet Lee Sang in the 1930s. In Jebidabang, artists from various fields entangle themselves every day to do interesting things. 'Jebidabang Compilation 2015' was made with a story about Jebidabang, which musicians who care about Jebidabang differently from each other. , Kim Ildu, Ahn Honggeun, Sai, and CaptainRock participated in a total of 11 teams. More >

 Wedance Produced Unfixed Vol.3

Wedance is dancing and Ubebebe...
WeDance is a mixed duo band composed of "WeGui" in guitar and computer programming and "WeVo" singing. He has been active since 2012, so he is already 5 years old. Even in the Hongdae indie scene, which is common as an unusual musician is stuck on his feet, We Dance is a very unique and unique entity. In common terms, it belongs to the most “hip” class. A fresh cultural experience with the danceable sound of the groove that overflows while watching the We Dance performance, the dance reminiscent of the gestures of a drunken country market uncle, and fashion that shows the fabric of a chic yet refined 'hip' that seems to be sold only in a rural market. Will do. It is a band with magical power that makes the audience dance like crazy. At the same time, they are also unfriendly bands where it is difficult to obtain any other information. Even if I am interested in We Dance and try to search for data, the profile does not appear on the portal site at all. There are no interviews and no press photos. 
More >

​Ahn Honggeun EP

Ahn Hong-geun, a bard from Yeonnam-dong, Hongdae, conveys the aesthetics of shame
In the winter of 2007, when he first performed in the bar in front of Hongdae, Robertne, folk singer-songwriter was a new trend in the Hongdae indie scene at that time. Apart from the established pop dance idols, the rock band brothers, DJ friends, or Even hip-hop warriors would have been surprised by the advent of the handsome, beautiful girls carrying a guitar, or the so-called goddesses singing songs with a ukulele. However, within a few years, it turned into a fashion, as it always has, but at some point, everyone was with a guitar, ukulele, and everyone was handsome and goddess. However, as several years passed, maybe thanks to the high-quality Hongdae scene audience, things like dogs and cows were roughly filtered out and some talented groups, or Genuine folk singer-songwriters survived. One of them is Ahn Hong-geun..
More >

이은철 싫어요싫어요.jpg
Lee Euncheol  EP  No No

Lee Euncheol's Ep album that turns your tattered heart into powder

Lee Euncheol's first EP album, "No No." Lee Euncheol, who had prepared this album to end his 10-year solo life, wrote lyrics while getting drunk and stuck in the corner of the room when his first unrequited love ended in failure. When he confessed to his second unrequited love and was rejected, he again took the guitar. After that, the third and fourth failure of unrequited love was a great pain, but ironically, the real lyrics from experience were born. In addition, he gradually improved his various lyrics and guitar skills. And now he pledged not to sing sad songs anymore. In announcing to the world these sad memories that reveal all of his own past... …More >

긴가민가 노래방

GingaMinga Studio

The GingaMinga studio is a space that can be used as a recording studio and a practice room. GingaMinga studio is a recording studio that perfectly solves the surrounding noise and leaking sounds that were unfortunate during home recording. You can use the space according to the conditions such as personal equipment setting, mixing, and mastering, and of course, you can record with a recording engineer in Ginga Minga. Use studio recording without noticing at an affordable price


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