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Gonne Choi

It has the versatility to encompass band sounds from solos by playing music without boundaries in genres such as folk, pop, jazz, and Korean traditional music based on a genuine voice and acoustic sound. Gonne Choi, who is compared to 'Na Yun-seon of the folk world' in Korea, won the final winner of 'Asia Versus', Fuji TV's next-generation singer-songwriter discovery program in four Asian countries, and the 'Glastonbury Festival' in Britain, the world's largest music festival. was the only one in Korea to be invited three times. She is a national treasure singer-songwriter who is introduced as “joni-folk” abroad. In order to release her regular album, she releases three EPs of different colors in advance as a series, and tries to broaden her musical inner and outer role.

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  • 2016 OST [Sunshine Warriors]

  • 2016 Single [XXXY B-side]

  • 2016 EP [XXXY]

  • 2014 1st regular album [I was, I am, I will]

  • 2013 EP [REAL-Record Everywhere About Life]

  • 2012 Single [My Christmas Is You]

  • 2011 EP [Good Morning]

  • 2010 EP [36.5℃] (re-issued in 2013.10)


Participation Album

  • 2019 tvN '60 Days, Designated Survivor' ost-Tomorrow

  • 2018 tvN 'Cross' ost-childhood

  • 2017 [Jebidabang Compilation 2017+2018]

  • 2015 [Into the Light-The Music of Korea IV]

  • 2015 [Jebidabang Compilation 2015]

  • 2015 [Indie 20th Anniversary Album]


Performance Video

  • [Europe Tour 2019-Alps Lake] my christmas is you

  • [Europe Tour 2012-Bremen Laundry] Ordinary Songs

  • [On Stage] Forest

  • [Live Clip] Highlander


  • 2019 Glastonbury Festival <Glastonbury Festival> @ UK

  • 2019 Sharjah World Music Festival <Sharjah World Music Festival> @ United Arab Emirates

  • 2018 Freespace Happening <Freespace Happening> @ Hong Kong

  • 2018 Muzicamundo <Musica Mundo> @ Brazil

  • 2018 Liverpool Sound City <Liverpool sound city> @ UK

  • 2017 Singapore Shine Festival <Shine Festival>

  • 2017 Budapest Spring Festival 2017 @ Hungary

  • 2016 Year-end solo performance <Soul & Color> @ Sejong Cultural Center

  • 2016 Play <The Warriors of Sunshine> Music director and OST release @ Doosan Art Center

  • 2015 Glastonbury Festival <Glastonbury Festival> @ UK

  • 2015  <2015 Korean Popular Music Awards> nomination, “Musician of the Year, “Folk Album of the Year,” Folk Music of the Year”

  • 2014 Glastonbury Festival <Glastonbury Festival> @ UK

  • 2013 Asia Versus Final Winner @ Fuji TV, Japan

  • 2012-2013 Germany Songs & Whispers Invitation, <4our Seasons> Europe Tour

  • 2012 <Olleh Music Indie Awards> July Artist Award

  • 2012 7-week long-term solo performance, <Perspective of Breathing> @ KT&G Sangsang Madang Hongdae

  • 2011  Selected as “Hello Rookie” for EBS Space

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