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The 1st CTRSound manager special recruitment in 2017. In the same year, he was demoted for lack of ability. 'Jungwoo', who has worked with many musicians (Gonne Choi, Captain Rock, Kwak Pureunhaneul, Doma, etc.), who are already in the Hongdae indie scene before their debut, with a unique tone and rich sensibility. After signing with CTRsound, She is working to release their first regular album [Sixth Saturday] in 2019.

6th Saturday

From Me To You


  • 2019 Regular Album [6th Saturday]

Participation Album

  • 2019 Captain Rock [Jongno Calling]

  • 2017 Captain Rock

  • 2017 [Sweet & Salty Date], Gonne Choi -<Taste of Life> Featured

Performance video

  • Love Song M/V

  • [Shinchon Electronics Live]

  • [On Stage] 6th Saturday


  • 2020 Beodung x Jungwoo special performance [I am not lonely because I am by the side of loneliness]

  • 2020 Naver Onstage 2.0 [Jungwoo]

  • 2019 regular 1st album release commemorative performance [6th Saturday]

  • 2019 [Jongno Calling] Performance

  • 2019 ~ 2020 [Ratdo's Band Music] Regular Program

  • 2019 Yangmin Hall [Yangmin Hall x Jungwoo]

  • 2019 Fun Workshop [Jungwoo x Yang Chang-geun: About the lonely or old heart] Performance

  • Insert songs from the 2018 Stonehenge [Beautiful Moment] campaign animation <Anything Can Be>

  • 2018 EBS space gonggam [Kim Sawol] performance guest vocal

  • 2018 CTRSound [Baedal Hongdae: Gwangju] Performance

  • 2018 Zandari Festa [Constant Water Walking Festival] Performance

  • 2018 CTRSound [Baedal Hongdae: Tongyeong] Performance

  • 2017 Zandari Festa [Constant Water Walking Festival] Performance

  • 2017 Playing [Puffed Up] Performer

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