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Lee Euncheol

Eun-cheol Lee has been playing the keyboard in a band in the Hongdae indie scene since 2009. Sometimes as a session, sometimes as a full member, he suddenly released his first EP album in the summer of 2013 under the name of Eun-cheol Lee. Since then, he has been working as a folk musician on several stages. The representative reading fanatic of the Hongdae scene, he works by creating unique music for Lee Eun-cheol by playing midi and electric guitars, telling stories about space and science. He works as a musician of various colors, from rock band keyboards to singer-songwriters and one-man electronic bands, and is also a playing coach in the music industry as the management team of CTRSound, a representative independent label. Pyongyang Naengmyeon columnist is a dream, but because of the high cost of naengmyeon, he is putting his dream aside.

No No

Will you?

2016 EP [Lee Eun-cheol Single Collection]- 2013 EP [No No]

Participation Album
2017 [2017+2018 Jebidabang Compilation]  <Guess who> Produced
2015 [2015 Jebidabang Compilation] <Pay First>
2014 Baby EP [Mayo] keyboard, arrangement
2011 Dr. Gong's Music Box EP [Guest] Keyboard, Arrangement, Lyrics


  • 2019 Earthrun Festival

  • 2018 Tongyeong Delivery Hongdae and others

  • 2017 Earthrun Festival

Performance video

  • Cafe Unplugged Performance

  • Jebidabang performance

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