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In 2006, while studying at Seoul National University's Department of Composition, Jaehun formed the project ensemble Timirho at the salon Badabi in front of Hongik University, and wrote his own songs based on Western traditional music through his regular 1st album [Timirho] and his 2nd regular album [Fairy Tales]. At the same time as the announcement, he has performed a wide range of compositions and performances that encompass several genres, including working as a member of the indie band Bull Moth Star Sausage Club. Jaehoon Kim, who has collaborated with various artists in the indie scene, including works of Autumn Vacation and Balck Skirt who participated as producers and arrangers, and works with Gonne Choi as a pianist, introduced his music world created by his experiences in November 2019 with minimalism and He started his solo career in earnest by releasing the first solo piano songbook [ACCOMPANIMENT] that was melted with Ambience.

In addition, he started dance music in 2009 with choreographer Jung Young-du's work <Walking>, and since 2016, new works <Crescent Moon>, <Matariki>, National Theater Company, and <Every Different Path> ,The composition and music director of <Sky child, Land child>, and appearing as a music director and performer of <Human Fuga> of Namsan Arts Center x Performing Creation Group Jumpda selected as the play of the year 2019 by the Korean Theater Critics Association. It has been doing a good collaboration. As a producer-type artist, he is contributing to the topography of the domestic art ecosystem as an art director of the residency “Cheopcheopsanjoong”, which was established by reducing the need for a domestic multi-art residency for artist creation.



  • 2019 Kim Jaehoon's 1st Album [ACCOMPANIMENT]

  • 2011 Timirho 2nd Regular Album [Fairy Tales]

  • 2009 The first regular album of Timirho [Timirho]


Participation Album

  • 2016 Black Skirt [Again! Haeyoung Oh O.S.T] String Arrangement

  • 2012 Autumn Vacation X Kim Jaehoon [Outing Room Music] Producing all songs | Arrangement | play

  • 2011 BulnabangStarSausage Club EP [Unconventional End] Performance | Arrangement

  • 2009 BulnabangStarSausage Club's 1st regular album [Indigenous New Wave] Performance

  • 2009 KkotByul 4th Album [Yellow Butterfly] Composition | Playing




  • 2020 Kim Jaehoon [ACCOMPANIMENT] Exhibition and Performance | Jebidabang conference room

  • 2019 Namsan Arts Center X Performance Creation Group, <Human Fuga> Music director and appearance |

  • Namsan Arts Center (Selected as Best 3 Play of the Year 2019 by Korea Critics Association)

  • 2019 Music Director Olive and Chinkong <Boyard's Song> | National Asian Culture Center (Selected as the best 7 Korean theater in 2019 by Monthly Korean Theater)

  • 2019 Culture Sympathy, Music Director, <Cat on the Road> | Tourist Theater


  • Music Director and Appearance at the 2019 Singapore National Gallery Performance <Izakaya>

  • 2019 National Theater Company, Performance Creation Group Run and Produce <Every Different Way> Music and appearance | National Theater Company

  • 2018 National Theater Company, Musical Director and Appearance in Performance Creation Group <Sky Eye, Land Eye> | National Theater Company

  • 2018 Manhae Arts Festival (Ahn Jung-ah x Kim Jae-hoon) Composition and Performance | National Theater Haneul Theater

  • 2017 International Residency Cheopcheopsanjung X Pyeongchang Final Showcase <Deep in the Mountains> | National Theater Daloreum Theater

  • 2013 Timirho | Park Chang-soo House Concert Episode 332

  • 2012 Timirho | Free Music Festival

  • 2012 Autumn Vacation, Timirho | Seoul Jazz Festival

  • 2012 Timirho Vol. 2 Release Commemoration Performance | Gangdong Art Center

  • 2012 Timirho Vol. 2 Release Commemoration Performance | Veloju

  • 2010 BulnabangStarSausage Club | Beautiful Mint Life

  • 2010 BulnabangStarSausage Club | Jisan Valley Rock Festival

  • 2010 Timirho Vol. 1 Release Commemoration Performance | LIG Art Hall

  • 2009 Choreographer Jeong Young-du <Walking> | LIG Art Hall




  • Wood Song

  • Deep In

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