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Kim Ildu

He is a representative folk musician in Busan. Together with Kim Tae-chun and Kim Dae-jung, he drew a stroke for indie performances under the name of the era of Sam Kim. During performances, he often says, "Let's be happy" and "Let's listen to good music and go to heaven."

Currently, he is working hard to perform in both small cafes and clubs, traveling between Seoul and Busan. The more you listen to the lyrics and performances of Kim Ildu, the owner of a fine and clear soul, the more you feel the charm. Countless listeners are looking for his music without getting tired After all, Kim Ildu is an unavoidable genius musician who is recognized by others.

two of us

Bok-sun C


  • 2019 Regular 3rd Album [Soul in Love]

  • 2019 EP [Star at war]

  • 2016 Special Album [Life is Easy]

  • 2015 2nd Album [Soul of the Moon and Stars]

  • 2014 EP [34:03]

  • 2013 Regular Vol. 1 [Fine and Clear Soul]

  • 2011 EP [No problem]


Participation Album

  • 2019 [The sea the wished]

  • 2017 [2017+2018 Jebidabang Compilation]

  • 2017 [Christmas of the Scarecrows]

  • 2017 Genius [Sea of Stars]

  • 2015 Sai [Hwajeonmin's Song]

  • 2015 Genius [Lucky mistake]

  • 2015 [2015 Jebi Dabang Compilation]

  • 2013 [Busan, Special City]


  • 2019 Sohn Ji-yeon x Kim Ildu Concert I Blue Bird Theater

  • 2017 Indie Inn Geumjeong I Geumjeong Cultural Center Small Performance Hall

  • 2016 Flute at Night- Kim Ildu, Savannah & Drones I Dream Forest Art Center

  • 2015 City Beat I Jeju Club

  • 2014 The band I KB Art Hall Busan

  • 2014 NJP Weekend Live Sound I Nam June Paik Art Center

  • 2013 Break Time-Kim Ildu I LIG Art Center Hapjeong


​Performance Video

  • The two of us M/V

  • [On Stage] No problem

  • [EBS Space Gonggam] Sweetbriar

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