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Kwak Pureunhaneul

Kwak pureunhaneul released her first album [As if I am not here] and then released EP album [Night fog] while continuing to work, and made her name known to the public through Superstar K season 7. In addition, She is a member of CTRSound and released her 2nd album [Yesterday's Novel] after 5 years, and has been active until recently. She sings with a simple guitar play and a whimsical voice. She is an artist who presents fairy tale imagination.

 Hide & Seek

A hart book to read


  • 2016 2nd Album [Yesterday's Novel]

  • 2013 EP [Night Fog]

  • 2011 Regular 1st Album [As if I am not here]

Participation Album

  • 2017 [2017+2018 Jebidabang Compilation]

  • 2017 Sweet & Salty Date Part.4

  • 2016 Naver Onstage 290th [Kwak Blue Sky]

  • 2016 [2016 Jebidabang Compilation]


  • 2018 Maria Callas Small Theater Concert

  • 2018 Nan Cafe Solo Performance

  • 2018 Ohhye Bookstore Solo Performance

  • 2018 Cafe Bomhee Solo Performance

  • 2018 Korea Queer Film Festival Closing Ceremony Performance

  • 2018 Jinbu Bookstore solo performance.

  • 2017 Jeongdong Theater Noon Art Madang Performance

  • 2017 2nd album yesterday's novel release solo performance

  • 2017 mbc Nanjang


  • 2017 City Travelers Travel Festival The 3rd Romantic War

  • 2017 Busan INDIE INTHE WOODS Festival

  • 2017 Festival performance of the eleven villages in front of Changdeokgung Palace

  • 2017 <2017 Korean Popular Music Awards> Best Folk Album Nomination

  • 2016 Naver On Stage Episode 290

  • 2016 Arirang K-Pop onstage k



  • A hard book to read M/V

  • [On Stage] As if I am not here

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